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Constable – Victorian Style – 1837-1901

The Victorian era of British history (and that of the British Empire) was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 20 June 1837 until her death, on 22 January 1901. It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence for Britain.

This era embraced the changes and saw the emergence of 'boldness and simplicity' in the design of architectural fittings. It also saw in the era of John Constable, Peel, Cobden, Gladstone, Disraeli and the American Industrial Revolution. Bessemer invents the process of converting Iron into Steel and we see the first telephone - did a generation ever see so much change?

Victorian design is widely viewed as having indulged in a grand excess of ornament and has been noted for orderliness and ornamentation.

John Constable the celebrated artist living and working at the start of the Victorian era gave his name to our original and now iconic 'Constable' brand.

We have created a Collection of products all hand crafted and forged or cast from premium grade solid brass, covering door handles, knobs, window fittings and a range of accessories and entrance door furniture, all true to the character of the era.

As was common in this Architectural period all of the Constable door handles on plates are face fixed to the door with exposed screw heads (fittings are supplied). All door knobs and levers are sold in pairs but they can be ordered singularly if specifically required. Knobs are left unsprung and levers are sprung, unless otherwise requested.

All Constable products are available in our extensive range of surface patinations. See our Finishes page to find out more.

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