Brass art Warranty & Returns

In addition to your consumer rights we offer the following warranty:

Subject to our Terms and Conditions, Brassart Limited (BA) warrants to the purchaser/end user that each of BA’s products shall be subject to the following Limited Warranty provisions, other specific or implied conditions, and shall be transferable. The warranty shall commence from the time of installation and will be valid only subject to proper care of the product(s) in accordance with our ‘Care of Finishes’ instructions and must be installed by a qualified and competent installer.

Limited Warranty – Mechanical

  1. Products manufactured by BA shall be free from breakage for the lifetime of the Product except as otherwise provided for in this Warranty.
  2. Products manufactured by BA shall be free from internal mechanical defects, including, but not limited to; defects in all moving parts contained within the product for 5 years commencing on the date of fitting by the end user Purchaser.

Limited Warranty – Finishes

  1. On Plated finishes 10 years including but not limited to Electrophoretic lacquer, Nickel and Chrome but specifically excluding other finishes specified below.
  2. On Plated Gold and Silver and lacquered brass 2 years.
  3. Patina finishes and other specialist applied patinas including but not limited to Un-lacquered Brass, Bronzing, Antique and distressed finishes are hand prepared and applied and therefore develop naturally over time. These finishes are not warranted but we make exhaustive efforts to provide consistency across all surfaces and across products.
  4. Titanium Gold or PVD as it is commonly referred to is a highly resistant finish which is guaranteed for 10 years

Conditions of Use

The above warranties are offered on the condition that the product is to be used in non-hazardous atmospheric conditions and free from the effects of high temperature and humidity and salt ingress. In these conditions please seek further advice from BA directly.


If a claim is made under this warranty and after investigation by BA proves to be valid, BA will at its sole discretion repair or replace the defective product. Following repair or replacement the original warranty period will continue in effect and be specifically applicable to the repaired or replaced part or product. If an exact replacement of the part or component is not available because it has been discontinued BA reserves the right to refund all or part of the original purchase price of the product; this shall be at its sole discretion. Further to this BA shall not be obligated or responsible for any costs of original installation, repair, replacement, or for loss of or damage to any material which is not supplied by BA. The remedies provided under this warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedies and BA shall not be liable for any other remedy or damages including without limitation incidental, consequential and special damages.


All claims and other communications under the terms of this warranty must be registered in writing fully describing the defect and be accompanied by photographic evidence and proof of purchase or installation. The claimant must provide any other information reasonably required by BA and if requested must permit inspection of the product. Warranty claims can be sent by email or postal mail and will be acknowledged promptly on receipt.

Our warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of non- infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the purchaser/end user.


If you wish to return your product please consult your original point of purchase. We are unable to accept returns from third parties. Your retailer will then advise you as to whether your product meets the returns criteria and arrange for a return if applicable. Goods will only be considered for return, exchange or refund within 28 days of receipt or longer if agreed in writing by the company. For standard catalogue items there will be a restocking charge of a minimum of 25% of invoice value.

Any non-standard, electroplate finish, bespoke or custom products are non-returnable. If deemed useable however an offer may be made and will be entirely at the discretion of BA.

All returns will be subject to the condition of the goods upon receipt. If the goods and/or packaging are not in perfect condition BA reserves the right not to reject the return. The product must be packaged in its original packaging and be suitably protected so that it cannot be damaged whilst in transit. Any product that is damaged in transit will not be considered for return.

If a returns agreement is made, a returns number will be provided and must be used on all subsequent correspondence.

Claims for visible damage which may have been caused in transit to the purchaser/end user must be received within 3 working days of receipt. All other discrepancies must be raised within 14 working days regardless of the date the product is due to be installed and/or the destination the product was shipped to.