Our mix and match capabilities are endless…well almost!

We hope it is common knowledge that as leaders in luxury architectural ironmongery, many of our BrassArt products, such as door handles and door knobs, are all interchangeable. Some styles look better together and that’s the way we keep them together but our modern door furniture isn’t quite the same…… So if you didn’t already know you can pick which of our new modern concealed roses your lever or mortice knob sits on.

We currently have 7 new modern levers to offer along with 3 door knobs (more mortice knobs being launched soon!) You can sit each of these on your choice of one of our 4 concealed roses; Alton, Borden, Corby and Eden.

brass door handles

You can now view our mix & match capabilities for our door handles and door knobs on our website under new products.

Some of these lever and knobs fall within our new modern collections; Chelsea, Compton and Wychbury, so you can compliment the rest of your interior decor with matching hardware items such as pull handles or escutcheons.

Many of our products are capable of being altered, that’s why we’re a boutique British manufacturer; we can tailor our products to your needs…. where possible.

Thanks for reading, The Team at BrassArt.